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If you are left-brain-oriented or right-brain-oriented. Just to cite one difference, left-brained thinkers prefer to take things apart. Right-brained thinkers favor putting them together.


If you are front-brain oriented or back-brain oriented. This compares new brain programming to old brain programming. (And don't suppose "new" is always better than "old," because it isn't!)


What category of life purpose is best supported by the way you currently think. On-purpose thinkers find "doing a life" more productive and more satisfying than off-purpose thinkers.


Whether you have hidden "maps" inside your basic BrainMap. The more complete the thinking map, the better the travels of the mind.


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The complete BrainMap analysis will also tell you what happens when your brain mixes left- and right-oriented processing with old and new processing. This is vitally important information when the time arrives for you to consider changing how you think because you need to think differently.

The complete BrainMap analysis will also tell you what your purpose could be if you brain isn't supporting the purpose you current follow. You will be provided with more than two dozen option categories for calibrating, aiming and perfecting a life purpose!

The complete BrainMap analysis will also tell you how many "hidden" maps exist in your BrainMap, what they are and how they can change your thinking when they are in effect.

And this is only the tip of the treasure-trove about your thinking awaiting you in your complete BrainMap analysis. Within moments of completing The BrainMap self-appraisal inquiry, you'll have an expansive new "ecology" of information at your fingertips about how you think, about your options for thinking differently and about the possibilities when you and others decide to think together. Page after page, insight upon insight, action point and more action points, The BrainMap will instrumentally influence how you work and live. Think of it as the "thinking skills manual" you've never realized could be available to you.

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