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Isn't it time for you to know:
Are you left- or right-brained oriented?
Is your thinking biased to the front brain or back brain?
Does the way you think support your purpose in life?
How do people who think the way you think typically act, talk, write, dress and decorate their spaces?
How does your brain filter what you see in others? (And their brain, you?)
How do you maximize your brain power—change it, aim it, recombine it?
What secret designs lurk beneath your basic thinking patterns?

Countless users have taken The BrainMap in the past 25 years. Now, it's never been easier or faster for you to become one of them.

If you'll take a few moments to respond to our questionnaire, you can have at your fingertips the amazing total picture of your thinking powers and skills that is available in the complete BrainMap report.

You'll get everything that's in the "signature" paper-and-pencil BrainMap version. Plus, you'll have access to many unique and exclusive new features for online BrainMap users only. New state-of-the-art, interactive graphics will give your thinking skills instant new clarity and meaning. Frequent hyperlinks will allow you to move quickly not only around the BrainMap's extensive report on your thinking. You can also link instantly with all the information about the BrainMap on the Brain Technologies Web site. And, at any time during the next 30 days, you can print out a "hard" copy of your entire report at no extra charge.

The BrainMapping process takes only a few minutes. But the results you get will keep delivering for a lifetime.

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